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NEW: We are now offering our clocks and images in canvas prints. The canvas product provides a more dimensional effect to the picture. The canvas is left natural, with no top coating/finish. They can be done in a wrap-around style or dry-mounted suitable for framing (we do not provide the framing). Please contact us with measurements and style and we can quote a price for you. For more information, go to our page on Canvas Clocks or Canvas Images.

NEW: In response to many requests, we are now offering images done in the same format as our clocks, but without the clock. We can reproduce your photo, or a collage that you create (or we can do it for you), so that the originals are not destroyed. The UV protected and acid-free picture is mounted on a durable backing and sealed with a long lasting, glass-like finish that gives depth to the image and produces a highly appealing result. The 5/8-inch edges of these frameless images are finished in black. For more detailed information, go to our page on Personalized clocks. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Each of our easy-read clocks™ are unique in design. Please explore our website to find a wall clock or mantel clock (featuring either a digital or analog movement) that reflects your personal tastes or is suitable to give as a special gift. We can customize most clocks to fit your space and decorating theme - just ask us! Your specially designed clock will be another piece of art in your home or a keepsake for someone special.

Many of the easy-read clocks™ you will see here are available as wall clocks or mantel clocks, with your choice of either analog or digital movements. The mantel clocks can be displayed on a surface or shelf as narrow as 4 1/2". Check out the detailed information on each clock with respect to product availability.

If you have a special request, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate you. For example, we can increase the numeral size on most analog clocks for the visually impaired. Click here for other ideas on how we can create a clock for someone with low vision.

Shipping and handling is free to addresses in Canada and Continental U.S.A. For all other destinations, please contact us for shipping costs before placing your order.

Personalized Clocks offer you the opportunity to have a customized timepiece created just for you. The picture and a clock are one, overlaid by a quality, glossy or satin finish. The sample clocks shown are for sale, but we can also custom design one specifically for you. Just supply us with your picture, specify your preference for either an analog or digital movement, the clock position, and whether you want a wall or mantel style. Almost any size can be made. These clocks sit close to the wall as the motor is recessed into the base. Most of the analog clocks can also be made in a digital style. We can personalize any of these for a special occasion by adding a message, such as "50th Anniversary".

The UV protected and acid-free picture is mounted on a durable backing and sealed with a long lasting, glass-like finish that gives depth to the picture and also produces a highly appealing result. The 5/8-inch sides of these frameless clocks are finished in black.

The movement is mounted in an appropriate position and recessed into the back so that the finished product will sit close to the wall. The size of the analog clock faces can be adjusted to make the clock proportional in size to the picture and available space. The digital clocks are 2 7/8" X 1 3/8". They can be programmed to display only the time, or to alternate back and forth between the time and date at approximately three-second intervals. You can see a comparison of the two styles in the Personalized Clock section (Lake/Mountain clocks).

You may send your image by mail, or e-mail a scanned version to us (at least 300 dpi). In most cases an e-mail image is sufficient, but in some instances we may require a paper copy, which will be returned to you. We will duplicate and re-size the image to fit your particular clock's dimensions.

Your clock will last for many years and also makes a memorable gift for various occasions - such as birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, retirement, birth, baptism, or any other milestone. Other choices may be a photograph of your pet, your farm/home, vintage memorabilia, military, children's clocks, or anything else of personal significance to you. Our clocks would also make excellent trophies, promotional items, business card clocks, and business or corporate achievement awards.

Our FREE design service is available to help you choose the best format for your personalized clock with no obligation to purchase. Two or more pictures can also be combined to produce a unique arrangement. Just send us an e-mail with your request, attaching the picture(s) you would like to use. We draft a design and e-mail it to you for your approval before you decide to place an order.

Complete Confidentiality can be assured - no information of any kind will be made public and your clock will not be shown on our website unless we have permission from you.

** We reserve the right to refuse any order, including those that feature or promote pornography, violence, or illegal activities.

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