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About Us

We are a Canadian business that creates unique clocks that are not available at big box stores. Our aim is to provide clocks that are also a piece of art or a memento. We do this by customizing and personalizing a clock especially for you.

We are constantly creating new styles and seeking out new materials to use in our designs. Some of the materials that we use are marble, cork oak, and wood. Bookmark our site to help you find specialty gifts for every occasion.

Our new and innovative approach is the Personalized Clock. These easy-read™ customized clocks combine an image (photograph, portrait, etc.) and a clock into one unit. The UV protected and acid-free image is mounted on a durable backing, sealed with a long-lasting clear finish, and the clock is mounted in an appropriate place. This process gives depth to the picture, creating a very appealing result. It will last for many years and makes a memorable gift for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, retirement, birth, baptism, or any other milestone in one's life. Another choice may be a photograph of your pet, your farm/home, vintage memorabilia, military, children's clocks, or anything of significance to you. These would also make excellent trophies, promotional items, business card clocks, business or corporate achievement awards. An inscription may be added to further personalize them (e.g. 50th Anniversary, etc.).

NEW: We are now offering our clocks and images in canvas prints. The canvas product provides a more dimensional effect to the picture. The canvas is left natural, with no top coating/finish. They can be done in a wrap-around style or dry-mounted suitable for framing (we do not provide the framing). Please contact us with measurements and style and we can quote a price for you. For more information, go to our page on Canvas Clocks or Canvas Images.

NEW: In response to many requests, we are now offering images done in the same format as our clocks, but without the clock. We can reproduce your photo, or a collage that you create (or we can do it for you), so that the originals are not destroyed. The UV protected and acid-free picture is mounted on a durable backing and sealed with a long lasting, glass-like finish that gives depth to the image and produces a highly appealing result. The 5/8-inch edges of these frameless images are finished in black. For more detailed information, go to our page on Personalized clocks. Please contact us if you have any questions.

** We reserve the right to refuse any order, including those that promote pornography, violence, or illegal activities.

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