"creating a personalized clock just for you"


Our aim is to provide clocks that are also a piece of art or a memento. These are available to anyone, including those who are vision impaired. Please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to create an easy-read clock™ that will be user friendly.

Options for creating a clock for those with low vision:

  • Increase the size of the numerals.

  • Change the numeral style to be bolder. (See chart below)

  • The diameter of the clock face may need to be increased as well to accommodate the larger numbers so that they do not appear too crowded.

  • Another alternative may be to make the background lighter so that there is more contrast between the numerals and background. Black and white coloring is the most readable combination.

  • Utilize hands that are bolder.

    Print the numerals below and position it the distance you would normally be from the clock to find out which size/style of numeral is easiest to read.

    Here are some examples of clocks with different styles of numerals and hands. The first two clocks are approximately 10" in diameter with 5/8" numerals, while the third clock is 13 1/2" in diameter with 3/4" numerals. These are only examples of what can be done to enhance visibility. All of our analog clocks can be altered to accommodate the vision impaired. Refer to the Gallery to see all of our analog clocks and for pricing.

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